Blijven genieten van de routeplanner? Steun de Fietsersbond. Word nu lid!

Planning a route using the junction network

Every region in the Netherlands has a comprehensive network of signposted cycle junctions called fietsknooppunten, marked with round green and white signs with one or two digit numbers. For visitors, this is the easiest way to navigate around on short or long cycle trips. At many junctions there are map boards so maps do not need to be carried by the cyclist.

With the Fietsersbond Route Planner you can easily make use of the Junction Network by selecting route type Junction Network. The Route Planner makes maximum use of the Junction Network and otherwise uses the Limited Stops profile.

Switch on the Numbered Junction map overlay by clicking on the grey numbered junction button at the top of the map. The green lines between the junctions is the cycle path network. Also is revealed the long-distance LF route network highlighted in red.

To add a junction to your route simply click on it. A text window opens giving the option to choose From, Via and To. Select the appropriate one to add the junction to your route.

NOTE: with current Route Planner functionality, when adding multiple Via points, they must be done in route order as they cannot be re-ordered once placed, only deleted.

Use the mouse to add more junctions to your route as required. To see a list of points added select More Options at the top of the screen. Here you can also select Combined Networks (Combinatie fietsnetwerken) which will use a mix of Junction Networks and LF-routes.

Click on Get Directions to calculate your route.