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Route planning with more options

By clicking 'More Options' you can fine tune your route. You can avoid certain tracks and obstacles, change the route type and add Via points.



Avoid shortcuts - Shortcuts are short sections of the route that cannot officially be cycled such as footpaths (where the cyclist should technically dismount but in practice often does not) and stairways with gutters to the side for wheeling bicycles. Shortcuts are used in routes where dismounting for a short time may save a lot of time cycling to reach the same point.

Note: When choosing route type: LF-Routes (National Cycle Network) or Junction Network the Route Planner may continue to make use of a shortcut even if Avoid Shortcuts is selected.

Avoid unpaved - This avoids unpaved cycle paths and semi-paved surfaces in bad condition.

Note: When choosing route type: LF-Routes (National Cycle Network) the Route Planner may continue to make use of unpaved paths even if Avoid Unpaved is selected.

Avoid Ferries - Selecting this will aim to avoid all ferries (veerponten) including those that operate around the clock all year round. If you only want to avoid seasonal ferries or those with limited operating times then select 'avoid not always accessible'.

Note: If 'Avoid Ferries' has been selected and your chosen route cannot be made without a ferry crossing you can scroll through the route directions in the left-hand column to find the blue ferry icon. By clicking on the icon the map will zoom in to the location of the ferry. Clicking on the ferry icon on the map will give many more details of the crossing in question.

Avoid not always accessible - this option allows you to avoid ferries that have limited operating times and the few cycle tracks that are not always accessible 24/7 (such as those in the popular De Hoge Veluwe National Park which close at night).

Changing route type


Here you can select the different route types and by clicking on the i icon you can get a short explanation of each route type.

Configuring your own advanced route type

You can configure your own advanced route profile which allows further fine-tuning of your route preferences. Of particular interest is the avoidance of obstacles for wide bikes (e.g. wide trailers or tricycles) and/ or long bikes (e.g. tandems). The most common serious obstacles for large bikes are slalom barriers (designed to slow cyclists to slower than walking pace and often located just prior to a cycle path encountering a dangerous T-junction with limited visibility) and field gates (for access to cycle paths across fields with livestock). Also note you can indicate your preferences to reduce the number of cobblestoned or brick roads or increase the amount of street lighting if cycling at night.

Adding Via points

Under the standard From and To fields you will now find an additional field for adding a Via point. This works the same way as the From and To fields. You can also add Via points by clicking on the map.

Note: with current Route Planner functionality, when adding multiple Via points, they must be done in route order as they cannot be re-ordered once placed, only deleted.

Clicking on the green Get Directions button will calculate your new route.